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ERZr-2 (Zirconium) welding alloy is widely
used in the chemical processing industry. It is
used in chemical processes that require alternate
contact with strong acids and alkalis. This
alloy has excellent corrosion resistance to
many chemical solutions. It also has excellent
resistance to corrosive attack in most organic
and mineral acids, strong alkalis, and some
molten salts. ERZr-2 can be machined, welded
and fabricated using the same equipment as
processes used in fabrication of stainless steel,
nickel-based alloys and titanium.

AWS Specification
AWS A5.24/A5.24M:2005
AWS Classification ERZr-2

Typical wire chemistry
(As Welded)
Zr+Hf 99.0 min
Hf 4.5
Fe+Cr 0.20
H 0.005
N 0.015
C 0.03
O 0.11 – 0.15

Typical mechanical properties
(As Welded)
Yield Strength, ksi 30
Tensile Strength, ksi 55
Elongation%, min 16

Welding Current


Available Diameters
.045″, 1/16″, 3/32″ & 1/8″

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