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ERCuAl-A2  Spools (Alum Bronze A2) Welding Wire

ERCuAl-A2 Spools (Alum Bronze A2) Welding Wire


Aluminum Bronze A-2 (ERCuAl-A2) filler metal
is an intermediate-strength aluminum bronze
alloy used for welding aluminum bronze plate
fabrications and for joining dissimilar metals
such as cast iron, carbon steels, copper,
bronze and copper-nickel materials. It is
excellent for building up or overlaying metal
for wear and corrosion resistant surfaces.
Weld deposits exhibit high mechanical
properties, tensile strength, yield strength
and hardness.

• Marine maintenance and repair
• Wear surface reconstruction
• Casting repair
• Joining aluminum bronze of similar
compositionAWS SpecificationAWS A5.7/A5.7M:2007AWS Classification ERCuAl-A2Welding CurrentAC - DCEPTypical Wire ChemistryAl 8.5 - 11.0Fe 0.5 - 1.5Pb 0.02Si 0.10Zn 0.02Cu (including Ag) REMOTHER 0.50Typical Mechanical Properties(As Welded)Yield Strength, ksi 43Tensile Strength,min ksi 60Elongation%, min 23Brinell Hardness 130 - 150Available Diameters MIG withOperating Range in Amps.035" 130 - 200.045" 185 - 2451/16" 250 - 400

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