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E6011 Carbon Steel Electrode Blue Demon

E6011 Carbon Steel Electrode Blue Demon


E6011 is a mild-steel, all position electrode
designed primarily for use on AC power
sources. It produces a strong arc force for
deep penetration and a fine spray transfer
that enhances operator appeal. Fast freezing
or rapid solidification of the metal allows
welding in the vertical and overhead position.
Its light slag eliminates slag holes that are
prevalent on some applications with other
electrodes. This product can be suited in a
wide range of applications.

Typical Applications
• General-purpose fabrication
• Galvanized steel work
• Structural work
• Shipbuilding

AWS Specification
AWS A5.1/A5.1M:2004
AWS Classification E6011

Welding Current


Typical Wire Chemistry
C 0.20
Mn 1.20
Si 1.00
P *N.S.
S *N.S.
Ni 0.30
Cr 0.20
Mo 0.30
V 0.08
Combined Limit
for Mn+Ni+Cr+Mo+V *N.S.

Typical Mechanical Properties
(As Welded)

Yield Strength, ksi 48
Tensile Strength, ksi 60
Elongation%, min 22
Welding Positions F,V,OH,H

Available Diameters
3/32", 1/8", 5/32" & 3/16"

Operating Range in Amps
3/32" 40 - 80
1/8" 75 - 125
5/32" 110 - 170
3/16" 140 - 215

*N.S. means Not Specified

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