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E6010 Carbon Steel Pipe Welding Electrode Blue Demon

E6010 Carbon Steel Pipe Welding Electrode Blue Demon


E6010 is an all position, cellulosic electrode
that has a quick-starting, steady, and deep
penetrating arc. It produces x-ray quality
welds in flat, horizontal, overhead, vertical-up,
and vertical-down positions. E6010 was
developed for the pipe welding industry
and is recommended for welding API grades
A25, A, B, and X42 pipe and general
structural fabrication.

Typical Applications
• General-purpose fabrication
• Maintenance welding
• Out-of-position X-ray welds
• Construction and shipbuilding
• Pipe welding
• Vertical and overhead plate welding

AWS Specification
AWS A5.1/A5.1M:2004
AWS Classification E6010

Welding Current


Typical Wire Chemistry
C 0.20
Mn 1.20
Si 1.00
P *N.S.
S *N.S.
Ni 0.30
Cr 0.20
Mo 0.30
V 0.08

Combined Limit
for Mn+Ni+Cr+Mo+V *N.S.

Typical Mechanical Properties
(As Welded)
Yield Strength, ksi 48
Tensile Strength, ksi 60
Elongation%, min 22
Welding Positions F,V,OH,H

Available Diameters
3/32", 1/8", 5/32" & 3/16"

Operating Range in Amps
3/32" 40 - 80
1/8" 75 - 125
5/32" 110 - 170
3/16" 140 - 215

*N.S. means Not Specified

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